Studio management

With all of our personal obligations, sometimes additional help is necessary to organize and manage a working studio. Bringing in an outside manager to aid in organizing an artist's practice on an as-needed basis can both free up time for art-making, and streamline an artist's creative process. Studio management and assistance is determined by the needs of clients on a case-by-case basis. This support provides art-makers with more time, allowing them to focus on what matters most, their art.


public relations & Marketing

Prior to entering the art industry full time, Michael served as a public relations and development professional. He brings this experience to bear by assisting artists in promoting their work and exhibitions. Additionally, he is happy to work with artists to develop and successfully execute marketing plans for their work. Michael has earned press for exhibitions in numerous venues including the The Providence Journal, The Boston Globe, ArtScope Magazine, WCVB Channel 5 Boston, WJAR Channel 10 Providence,  and others. With his knowledge of the media landscape, Michael is able to work with artists to shape and share their message and help them successfully share their story.

Portfolio reviews

Michael has handled thousands of works of art and often collaborates with artists to review their work and pinpoint which pieces are most successful. By sharing both an aesthetic and market analysis of a work's potential, he can aid artists in determining their professional goals and creative direction. He has reviewed portfolios for successful artists throughout New England and beyond, and has served as a reviewer at the Rhode Island School of Design's Portfolio Review Day.


Writing & Editing

An experienced and eloquent writer, Michael has contributed to a variety of venuess including Art New England and Big Red & Shiny. His publication on the work of photographer Francesca Woodman, Transformations & Disappearances: The Presence of the Artist in the Work of Francesca Woodman, was selected for the Visual Culture Consortium's Symposium at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in 2013. Michael works with artists to improve their professional writing for a variety of applications including print and web, artists statements, biographies, resumes, and more. With the help of an experienced editor and writer, artists can refine and clarify their own writing.


Creative audits

A review of current studio and business practices by a neutral observer can often bring about meaningful improvements. Michael works with artists to craft general strategy as well as to refine goals and methods. By thoughtfully reviewing what you currently have in place, Michael can aid you in discerning best practices in the future for a more fulfilling and profitable career.


How we can help

As the Gallery Manager at one of the nation's oldest arts organizations, Michael has worked with numerous artists to create successful exhibitions of their work. He has an intimate knowledge of best practices in a gallery environment, and brings thoughtful and sensitive feedback to both experienced artists and those just beginning their careers.



Artist Services are billed on an hourly basis listed on Michael’s current rates page, but services can be provided via long or short term contract. Michael works with clients to develop an action plan and budget for work, ensuring organization and efficient use of resources. This results in value for artists as projects can be completed in a timely manner.