Current Service Rates


The fee structure for all appraisal services is $50 an hour. All appraisal services are billed on an hourly basis and Michael does not perform appraisals for a percentage of sales or any other form of reimbursement. Each appraisal is unique, and Michael provides a time estimate after an initial consultation. Additional fees such as printing and database use may apply. Contact Michael with your appraisal questions to learn more.

Advising for Collectors and Corporations

Advisory services for collectors and corporations are also billed on an hourly basis at the rate of $50 an hour. Michael provides a time estimate after an initial consultation. There is typically a two hour minimum for these services. Contact Michael for more about advising.

Artist Services

Understanding the current realities of creative work, Michael is happy to offer artists a special hourly consultation rate of $30 an hour. There is an hour minimum for artist services and extended work for artists may involve additional fees. Contact Michael to talk more about your unique needs and how he might help.

Speaking & Teaching

Because each organization is different, Michael is open to discussing fees for speaking and teaching events on a project-specific basis. Please contact him directly if you would like to inquire about his availability for lectures and classes.

Other Work

If you have an inquiry about other work such as independent writing and editing or types of consulting not listed here, please contact Michael with the details of your project. He is always happy to chat! Note that most other projects will be subject to a rate of $50 an hour.