Corporate Advising

Fine art can set a professional setting apart from the competition and display a corporation's support for the local arts community. Through well-designed corporate art programs, companies in all industries are able to improve their work spaces and employee outcomes.

Services for Corporations Include:

  • Design and Creation of Corporate Art Programs

  • Management and Curating of Corporate Collections

  • Educational Offerings for Staff

  • Facilitating Purchases or Commissions

  • Brokering the Sale of Works


Advising for Collectors

The art world can often be an overwhelming place, even for experienced collectors and art enthusiasts. With the help of an advisor, owners can see their collection in a new light. Michael provides a variety of services for collectors to assist in caring for the objects they enjoy.

Services for Collectors Include:

  • Cataloguing a Current Collection

  • Researching Individual Items

  • Installing and Curating Artwork in a Home

  • Facilitating Purchases or Commissions

  • Brokering the Sale of Works

How we can help

Through a network of connections in the art community and with a wealth of experience as a gallerist, Michael has the skills to successfully aid private collectors as well as corporations. Through his work at the Providence Art Club, Michael manages the corporate art program in the Atrium Gallery at One Financial Plaza, one of the largest office buildings in the State of Rhode Island. Michael also selects artworks for the Providence office of Sotheby's International Real Estate. Additionally, he has advised numerous private collectors regarding their collections. In addition to his BA in Art History at Providence College and extensive experience in the field, Michael has also completed coursework in Art Consulting & Advising at the Rhode Island School of Design with well-known art consultant Julia Kinzelman of Kinzelman Art Consulting in Houston, Texas.



Art Advising services for corporate and private clientele are billed on a hourly basis listed on Michael’s current rates page. Michael works with clients to develop a budget and action plan for each project. This ensures efficient and productive use of time and results in well planned and executed exchanges. Contracts for advising can be long or short and are entirely dependent on the needs of each client.